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5 Reliable Ways to Make Money With Music

Melodies and tunes are often enjoyable but can you also make money with music while pursuing this euphonic art? As a musical artist, you have a very fair chance of making a living by selling your talent online. If you produce good music, you will likely have a fan following that you monetize to earn some cash.

In this article, I will discuss how you can make money with music with easy methods:


Are you a musical artist and don’t have a YouTube channel? You’re missing out on a brilliant opportunity. Youtube is a great way to make money with music. Consistently producing great content for your audience quickly monetizes the channel. The earnings will be based on the number of views you get when the audience listens to your music.

If your music is worth it, people will keep listening to it on a loop, eventually getting you a consistent source of income.
Even if you don’t produce a music video, there are still several other ways of making money with music on YouTube. You can make lyrics videos, covers, vlogs, or tutorials in which you teach music.
However, you’ll need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watching hours to be eligible for YouTube monetization for all of this.

make money with music


Spotify is a popular music streaming app that is the home of over 40 million songs. It is the ultimate online destination for music lovers.
Earning from Spotify isn’t a big deal, and you don’t need to be a big label to be eligible for monetization. Just focus on producing high-quality music that attracts followers organically, eventually increasing the number of streams.
While uploading tracks on Spotify, you’ll also need to monitor release frequency as it impacts streaming. If you already have songs on spotify, Orion Promotion can help you by creating a good promotion campaign for you to take your song to the next level. You can also make money with music when you have a great song on spotify !


I love this platform personally — Patreon revolutionized the interaction between artists and fans at the expense of nominal fees.
With Patreon, you can create a recurring membership model with the help of fans supporting your content.
If you manage to gather a community that your music, they will be happy to pay a few bucks every month just to listen to it.
Running a Patreon account even with a small number of fans is a giant step towards becoming a full-time musician.


Collaborating with other brand labels and artists is a creative way of growing an audience. It always works when the collaboration is profitable for both parties.
Find musicians, private labels, or music franchises related to your music genre and offer them lucrative collaboration deals.
Some musical bands or private labels might have holes that you can fill with your talent and flair.
However, while collaborating, you will have to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve the goal.

Teaching Music

Don’t just think of making money with music by singing.
If you’re good at something, why not share the expertise with others?
Not every singer is a good teacher — If you are capable of creating a decent music course, you can easily dominate this field.
Many online platforms are waiting for your singing lessons to be hosted on them.

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