Being a playlist curator at a spotify promotion company

Being a Playlist Curator, what are the benefits?

Do you own a popular playlist? If so, it can offer many other benefits in addition to likes. For example, you can register as a playlist curator with a Spotify promotion company. To qualify as a curator, you need to have a playlist with real followers, so that it’s organic. We’ll tell you about the advantages of being a playlist curator here.

Generate income as a playlist curator

Your great playlist can make you money. Spotify promotion companies offer a compensation for reviewing new songs. For example, if you sign up as a playlist curator with a company like Orion Promotion, you can listen to music and make money at the same time. The platform pitches songs to playlist owners and after that, there is the possibility for them to review the music. For this review, the curators receive a fee between $1 and $14. The more active a curator is, the more fee he receives. In addition, there are many other Spotify promotion companies. Often registration is free, so that’s not a point to worry about!

Playlist curators discover new artists and music

Being a playlist curator also provides opportunities to discover new artists and music. Often, Spotify promotion companies pitch a lot of new music and artists to playlist owners. So that’s a great opportunity to expand your current playlist and keep it updated. As a curator, you will gain a lot of experience when it comes to promoting and listening to music. If you are good at what you do, you will learn how to spot a hit. If you can use that experience and everything you learn along the way, you can be valuable to the music industry because you have the power to reach thousands of people.

Being a playlist curator at a spotify promotion company

Control your playlist

If you are a playlist curator, you have full control over which songs are added to your playlist. There is no obligation to add a song that the company has pitched to you to the playlist. It is possible to grow your playlist at your convenience. With organic playlists, it is important that the creation of the playlist is 100% up to the owner.

Build a name

As mentioned above, managing playlists can make you an added value to the music industry. By creating a playlist, you can start building a name for yourself and gain popularity. Moreover, you will have more insights to become a music professional.

Last words

In other words, there are many benefits to being a playlist curator. It can help you make money, discover new music, decide what music to put on your playlist, and increase your brand recognition in the music industry. On top of that, signing up for a Spotify promotion is often free, so what are you waiting for? Sign up!

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