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Best Apps to Learn Music in 2021

Music, as they say, is food for the soul. Well, there is absolutely no denying that music can actually make you feel a lot better. Singing for pleasure is one thing, but leaning the art of singing is something totally different.  Well, if you are an exciting rising singer-to-be and want to set your basics right, here are five best apps to learn music in 2021. But, it doesn’t mean these apps are recommended for beginners or wanna-be’s only. You can level-up your skills even if you know the drill.

Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Music

1) Tonal Harmony Analysis

This application is a great tool for users as it gives them an opportunity to input a wide range of chords. It also helps users in the identification of Chord progressions’ suitability as well. Apart from that, the user can analyze every chord progression. The app offers its users a wide range of choices and options.

Moreover, this app helps you evaluate the integration suitability of a choice/option with various harmonic analysis rules. It helps you identify any potential problem and how can you over those issues.

2) MuseScore: sheet music

If you are an aspiring musician, Muse Score can help you master  the music you love. This is powerful and easily usable notation software, and it is totally free. You can develop top-quality sheet music with audio score playback to produce pleasing sounds. 

Moreover, you can create guitar tablature, percussion music sheet, and develop a musical score for piano. Furthermore, you can add lyrics and chord names to your music sheet. Last but not least, this app has a lot of variation in export options.

3) MusicTutor (Sight-Reading)

Music tutor is a wonderful app to strengthen your sight-reading and sheet music reading skills. With the identification of music notes in timed sessions, you can improve your accuracy and speed in reading sheet music.

You can practice bass, treble, or/and alto clefs in different sessions (1,5, or 10 minutes). It is really helpful in bettering your ear training and aural skills.

4) Yousician

This app brings a lot of diversity in terms of lessons for bass, guitar, piano, and ukulele. It is an easy-to-use app and with step by step tutorials. These tutorials help you in learning the fundamentals as well as advance techniques.

Moreover, this app provides more than 1500 missions and exercises and specific lessons related to music theory. Its weekly challenges and competitions can keep you on your toes. “Music is fun” when it comes to Yousician.

5) EasyMusic

An app designed specifically for children, but make no mistake, it is equally effective for any type of beginners. It helps you start with the basics of the music. You can easily learn to recognize rhythm, pitches, notes, and melody. This app is best suited for those who are starting from scratch. Get your basics right here and then move to advance tools.

best learn music apps

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