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How to Promote Your Independent Music Online?

Promoting Your Independent Music Online: 5 Reasons to Promote Your Old Tracks As an independent artist or record label, it can be challenging to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the music industry. With new music releases flooding the

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5 Marketing Strategies For Musicians

The music industry has been growing tremendously every year since 2013. The industry revenue is expected to surpass $65 billion by 2023’s end. Therefore, it has become difficult for musicians to cut through the noise due to increasing competition in

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Finding your Niche in Music Industry

How To Find Your Niche In The Music Industry

It can be very challenging for artists to define their niche. It is an important step in their careers. Finding your niche can make you known for a specific style of music, which can benefit your career. Since competition in

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Spotify makes it easier to sing along!

From now on, Spotify will make singing along to your favorite songs easier! The company has introduced the possibility to read and sing the lyrics while listening to your song. Lyrics are one of the most requested features by listeners

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Optimize Spotify Artist Profile

How To Get An Amazing Artist Profile On Spotify?

Improving your Spotify artist profile can help grow both your streams and your followers. An artist profile is one of the most important channels listeners use to interact with both your music and your brand. It also keeps listeners interested

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