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Five simple ways to be the Dandiest Spotify Playlist Curator

1. Step up your Playlist Curator Game

Start by identifying your strongest and most-perfect niche. This is the first step to become a successful playlist curator. Let your potential followers know what they will get from your bio, cover photo and title. Inject appropriate keywords in your bio. This will increase the chances of your playlist being discovered in searches. Most times, people search for specific artists, therefore, it is important to add them in your playlist bio. Limit the use of keywords and make them refined. Catch the attention of your target audience with the perfect title and cover photo. Create a persona for the people who would listen to your playlists and find the perfect title and photo that represents that.

Do not use copyrighted images. Your Spotify playlist may be deleted as a result of copyright infringement. Use images that are royalty free. You could download images online and photoshop them to use as playlist cover with title. Doing this will make your account look more convincing.

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2. Employ various strategies to grow your playlist follow

Playlists usually get followers as a result of credibility. The important thing is the volume of listeners that your playlist produces for artists over a month. It is good to have a playlist with over 20,000 followers, however, if 19,500 of those followers are not active, the playlist is useless. It could be potentially difficult and discouraging before you get your first few followers. It is important that your playlist be kept private until it is perfect and ready. Once it is ready, you can drop it using these strategies:

  • Promote the playlist on social media. Encourage your family and friends to follow them. It is easy for a playlist with just 7 follows to show up in searches compared to one with zero.
  • Once your playlists gain popularity, reach out to independent artists interested in getting on playlists, ask them to share your playlists on their social media profiles and mark your playlist as “Artist’s Pick.”
  • Join social media groups that share your brand of music, post in niche-specific subreddits. Your target audience are always out there, you just have to find a way to get your content across to them.

Avoid the mistake of asking artists to recommend your playlist until you’re certain that it has a devoted following and it can gain streams. A good playlist curator only ask a artist if you genuinely enjoy their music and it is a good fit. Whether you intend to pursue a music career, or you only just want to share awesome playlists with people, having a good rapport with music artists is the best way to go. A good way to measure the performance of your playlists, and how active they are is by checking the “Discovered On” for artists on your playlists.

3.Create Playlists that Captivate Your Playlist Streamers

Take your followers on a trip by creating a massive playlist consisting of your favorite tunes. Avoid stashing your music library into a single playlist. Classify your choice into separate and cohesive playlists. Ensure that your playlist contain various, but similar genres. The next track may not need to blend seamlessly with the previous one, but they should be related.

You can listen to your playlists using crossfade between tracks. This will give you an understanding of how the whole playlist flows. The way Spotify’s algorithms adopt user data to generate a list of songs is not artistically significant compared to a self-made playlist. A playlist created by you is likely to be made from personal experience with a brand of music or an artist. Once you have a sense of why you connect to a particular music type, you can then add artists that you relate to for similar reasons. There is usually a meaning attached to a great playlist. Fans that share similar sentiments about the same artist will follow your playlist once they see the intention with which such playlist is built.

It is important to work on your top 10 tracks. These make up your first impression. A user is most likely going to select the first song they listen to from this list. It is essential to create a good first impression. They might not consider your playlist if these tracks are trash.

4.Consistently Engage your Followers

Frequently update your playlists, but don’t overdo it. People will follow your playlists when they see music they enjoy. Gradually mix up tracks in and out of your playlist. It will be very wrong for you to do a major overhaul, deleting most of the tracks and adding new ones all at once. This will only result in a rapid decline in your playlist followers. Most Spotify users generally find it difficult to follow a playlist they don’t listen to. The folder feature on Spotify supports the grouping of playlists in such a way that users can follow a substantial amount while maintaining an organized sidebar. You can keep your followers engaged through the following ways:

  • Limit your playlists to 50 – 90 tracks. A potential follower who wants to discover new music can get overwhelmed seeing a playlist having more than 100 songs. Whereas a playlist having less than 40 songs can give the impression that the playlist is limited and won’t help in their quest to discover new music.
  • Listen regularly to your playlists. Do this so that:
  • Your followers can discover your playlist when they see your profile activity in their friend’s feed.
  • Your search results ranking can be improved as a result of increased listeners listening to your playlists.
  • You can ensure your playlists are being actively streamed by your current followers. If you discover a track that you don’t find interesting, there is a big chance that your followers don’t enjoy it either.
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  • Use SpotOnTrack.com to keep track of follower growth and other cool playlist stats. You can also manage your playlist and track the activity of your playlist.

5.Prepare for the Long Haul

Do not expect that your playlist will gain thousands of followers in a flash. The growth speed of your playlist is down to two factors: How easy it is for people to find, and how good enough it is for people to share.

You could be lucky to gain a large follow from the start. However, in the likely case that you don’t, use these steps to grow and maintain an effective playlisting career.

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