spotify algorithm

The Secret How Spotify Algorithm Works!

How does Spotify Discover Weekly “Spotify Algorithm” work?

Well, let us explain. This list is basically the same as other computer-generated playlists. The songs in this list are generated through algorithms based on Spotify users’ choices. The Spotify Algorithm determines the type of music users listen to, and then collects songs from their favorite genres. When listening to your music genre, your song will pop up in the user list for them to listen to and decide whether to keep or continue playing. Spotify’s algorithm checks the time spent on a song, and if it exceeds 30 seconds, the platform will use it as a check on their recommended content. Spotify Discover Weekly has become a very popular playlist for all users.

How to get on Discover Weekly:

To get on Discover Weekly your song needs excellent performance, many playlist locations, natural streaming and saved content. This is where we can help you get there by triggering the Spotify Algorithm! We will submit your music to many popular playlists, which will help you increase the playback rate of your songs to be listed on Discover Weekly. And the more streams you get through Discover weekly, the bigger is the chance to get a placement on an official Spotify playlist. 

As an industry, the music business has been constantly evolving and changing, and one thing recently has become more and more focused on putting your tracks in the largest (most correct) playlist. 

What exactly does Orion Promotion do?

Orion Promotion is a Spotify music promotion company that specializes in playlist promotion. Our Playlist Promotion Plan is displayed by sending your music to the curator’s playlist. These playlists cover thousands of listeners, which gives your music wide exposure and generates fans and real money in every stream