Optimize Spotify Artist Profile

How To Get An Amazing Artist Profile On Spotify?

Improving your Spotify artist profile can help grow both your streams and your followers. An artist profile is one of the most important channels listeners use to interact with both your music and your brand. It also keeps listeners interested in your music. What is important is that you optimize the profile and really utilize all the features. We give you some tips on how to create a great profile!

Request your own artist profile

The first and most important part is that you have to request your own artist profile. This can be done by going to artists.spotify.com. If you already have music on Spotify, you can claim your page that way. Spotify will give you access to log in and create an account. After confirming this with the correct e-mail address, you can also verify your account via Spotify. Now you can start optimizing your personal artist profile!

Add your socials to your profile

First of all, you can link your social media channels to your artist page. That way, you can promote your profile cross-media. Instagram and Facebook, for example, are very useful channels for finding new fans and keeping them engaged. It is important, however, that you link channels on which you post regularly in order to keep your fans engaged. To add socials to your Spotify for Artists profile, click “more info” on the Edit Profile page.

Have an attractive bio

When writing a bio for your artist profile, it is important that the story comes across convincingly and sincerely. It should contain the important facts and be 100% true. A good bio consists of bringing out information and emphasizing what illustrates you. In this way, you can really sell your persona and show readers that you have unlimited potential. If you include information about yourself that is interesting to readers, for example, something you have never shared about yourself before, readers can quickly build a lasting connection with you and your brand.

Optimize Spotify Artist Profile

Add images that describe you

Add images to your profile that give an impression of who you are as an artist. There are 3 different places where you can add images. Firstly, there is the avatar. This image will appear as your main picture for listeners on mobile and as your artist avatar in search functions on Spotify. Secondly, there is the header image which is displayed on your profile when listeners view your profile on the desktop. Finally, there are the gallery images and these are displayed in the ‘About’ section at the bottom of your profile on the desktop version of the Spotify app. You can add up to six images to your image gallery.

Add your own playlists to your artist profile

To optimize your artist profile, you can create your own music and share your unique music taste with new listeners. Your artist playlist does not have to contain only your own songs, but can also contain songs of artists you like and resemble. It can help the “Fans Also Like” section because listeners often stream similar sounds. In addition, if you are lucky and have already uploaded 30 songs to Spotify, the platform will compile a playlist for you.

Refer to relevant up-to-date information on your artist profile

On your artist profile, there is the possibility to link to the latest updates in your artist life. For example, you can post a new album, playlist, or relevant concert date here. This also reminds listeners that you are still active.

Last words

If all these elements are fulfilled, your artist page will get a big boost! Is this not enough and do you really want to see your streams and followers grow? Then take a look at the promotion packages of Orion Promotion!

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