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How To Get Noticed By Playlist Curators? 5 Tips

If you want to become a successful artist, it is not enough to just upload your song on Spotify, sit back and wait. It’s important to spread the word about your song and get it into playlists. To get noticed by playlist curators, you have to build a buzz around your song. Therefore, we’ve listed a few tips.

1. Attention by creating a hype before releasing

First of all, it is important to start the marketing campaign before you will release your song. Think about the strategy for your successful release. Important points are: interesting album or single covers, posting organic content on your social media channels and encouraging your fan base to share this content. In addition, make an authentic and concise description for the music and make sure fans will pre-save your music. The latter creates a peak in engagement on the day of release, which trains Spotify’s algorithm to push your music to more listeners with the same tastes. The result is a larger and more engaged audience, more attention, new fans and regular listeners.

2. A good artist page to attract more awareness

Secondly, to ensure that a casual listener turns into a real fan, you should personalise your spotify profile. Make sure that the profile picture and images appeal to the listener. The description should be easy to read and the information should be up-to-date. If you optimise your profile, it will be noticed more quickly by playlist curators.

How To Get Noticed By Playlist Curators? 5 Tips

3. Work on your music analysis

Thirdly, when your number of fans, followers and listeners increase every month, music creators will notice your songs sooner. To get insight into this and to keep it stable, you should make smart promotion decisions and keep investing in marketing campaigns. A Spotify music promotion company can help with this. Most of these companies provide an extensive report on what has been achieved after the campaign period.

4. Inclusion in unofficial playlists

Moreover, when you might think that big Spotify playlists have a lot of influence, independent playlists are just as important. They have enormous promotional power and it’s easier to get their attention. Being on multiple independent playlists is valuable for streams and for working your way up the algorithm. Companies like Orion Promotion have a database full of independent playlist owners in different types of genres.

5. Sell merchandise

Finally, if you want to make money while promoting your music, selling merchandise is effective. It helps to create awareness for your new release, especially if fans share messages about their purchases on social media. As a result, it can lead to more streams and more additions to playlists. If you have just started to release your music, you may not have a lot of fans yet and probably have not sold merchandise before. If this is the case, start by making only a small number of products you want to sell. After all, producing these costs money. If your campaign is a success, you can earn some income to cover your expenses and even fund future music projects.

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