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How To Get on Worldstar hip hop, XXL mag, Pigeons.

In the music industry getting your music on blogs such as Worldstar Hip Hop, XXL mag, Pigeons and Planes, Indie hip hop, hip hop DX and underground hip hop blog, and many other platforms can be very hard and competitive.

In the music industry, advertising and marketing your music is is the most important in your music this is because it keeps on top of the game and your name is out there.

Here are some of the tips that can help in submitting your music can help. They include:

XXL Mag Submissions

There are 3 ways you could submit for this one. They are free music, paid to advertise, and middle ground.

  • Free music submissions: this is a blog you can  submit your music for free at 
  • Paid advertising: the paid advertising company XXL mag uses is media /advertise.
  • The sweet middle ground: in this case, you can just go to a music promotion company like us yourself instead of relying on the blog platforms. This gives you a chance to directly interact with the music promotion company yourself without waiting to be accepted by blogs.

Worldstar Hip Hop Submissions

There are also 3 ways to also submit your music on this blog, although they may differ from other hip hop submissions. They are:

  • Free music submissions: for this blog platform to be posted you must have a buzz (at least 40,000 legitimate views on your video) if you don’t have they will not post you. For this platform free is not always the best this is because it is very competitive. If you want to submit for free you can do so at
  • Direct payment: it is the most expensive option, this is because this will not cost less than $750.But if you have to spend and a proven business model this would not be a bad idea. The main problem here is that most artists do not legitimate marketing strategy.
  • The sweet middle ground: this would be very useful if you do not have the money to pay for advertisements and if you try submitting for free they fail not to accept you. You can go out and build your buzz then come later on when you have high numbers.

Pigeons and Planes Submissions

This is also a big platform that could help you advertise your music, the exact pricing of this blog platform is not is also in three tires that are free, paid, and middle ground.

  • Free music submissions: in this blog platform they do it quite differently from other platforms. You can  submit your music at or
  • Paid submissions: as stated earlier their pricing is not clear. Their links for paid promotions is not certain.
  • The sweet middle ground: just as it states earlier you could also market and promote your music on your own without being dependent on the blog platforms.


Having a good music marketing strategy should be key for your music to be out there easily.