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How To Get Your Music Heard: 4 Sure-Fire, But Lesser-Known Ideas

The music industry today has never been more crowded. It doesn’t matter if you wrote the next Bohemian Rhapsody, or if you’re the second coming of Madonna. Getting your music out there is harder than learning how to play the drums with no natural rhythm.

But, while it’s true that the scene has slowly been climbing into oversaturation during the past few decades, it’s not 100% done just yet. Other than the normal tips on how to get your music heard like getting spins on the radio or having your song on a highly followed streaming platform playlist, there are a few a bit more obscure things you can do to help you find victory.

Look for honest feedback

Your friends, family, and coworkers are going to likely be the same kind of people as the strangers who will be listening to your music. So, getting their feedback on your unreleased tracks is an excellent source of information. But, you need it to be honest. It doesn’t help anyone if they’re simply going to tell you what you want to hear.

Granted, it might not be the most fun afternoon to have your cousin rip into your art, but that won’t be the last time you deal with rejection. Learning to handle that, alongside taking the feedback and using it to improve your craft, can be a priceless skill to have.

Make yourself known to your niche

When it comes to getting your name out there, we’d argue that giving can bring you a lot more success than taking. What do we mean by this? Adding value to the people you want to be the ones consuming your music can help you stand out from the rest. And, doing this is an excellent tip on how to get your music heard.

If you’re in any Facebook group regarding music, for example, make sure to participate in the conversations happening there. Don’t use it only for self-promotion. Answer questions that may come up, offer to give feedback to up-and-coming artists, recommend a local bar that pays for live music performers. You’ll catch people’s eyes by being helpful which means you can redirect that interest into becoming real traffic to your Facebook page. Once there, transforming those lurkers into real fans is much easier. 

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Read a book

Ok, hear us out. The best way to find success is by understanding how the industry works, how attracting fans works, and how to create the best quality music you can. This means that constant learning is a must on your path to accomplishing your goal of living off your music.

So, reading a great book is actually an awesome way to understand how to get your music heard. Aim for one new book every two weeks, and make sure the topic is things that will help you improve your knowledge. These are two of our favorites:

  • All You Need To Know About The Music Business by Donald S Passman. Also known as the Bible of the music industry, this book was written by a music lawyer with years of experience. He collected all his knowledge about a million different topics including how copyright works, how to figure out the best record deal for you, and how to maximize concerts, in one handy spot. And now, all that information is yours for the taking!
  • How To Make It In The New Music Business by Ari Herstand. A close second contender to the title of music industry Bible, Ari Herstand wrote this book based on his own life experience. He’s a veteran of the game with jobs like songwriter, blogger, and CEO under his belt. Learn how to wield social media to your benefit, how to grow on streaming services, and even how to get your music into movies or TV shows.

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