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How Types of Spotify Playlists Will Get You A Spotify Placement

Every music artist wants to get much fan engagement; a Spotify playlist is a great way to gain more engagement, listeners, and streams on this platform for a music artist. However, before you know how you can gain a Spotify placement on these playlists, you need to know what these playlists are and how they can help you increase your audience on Spotify.

What Is Spotify?

Spotify is the world’s biggest Swedish digital audio streaming and media service introduced by Daniel Ek in 2006. With just a sign-up procedure, you will get access to millions of podcasts, songs, and videos from artists all over the world for free.

Types of Spotify Playlist

There are three major types of Spotify playlists; Spotify algorithmic playlist, listener playlist, and Spotify editorial playlists. Now, let’s discuss how these Spotify playlists are different from each other and how these playlists are helpful to grow your audience.

⦁ Spotify Algorithmic Playlist

The Spotify algorithmic playlists are based on the user’s listening habits, and these are the most highly personalized playlists. However, Discover Weekly and Release Radar are the important Spotify algorithmic playlists. If we talk about the Release Radar playlist, it is a weekly playlist that is unique for each listener. This playlist is updated every Friday to discover new tracks, and the Release Radar playlist feature is listeners to enjoy new tracks by artists based on their Spotify activity. On the other hand, the Discover Weekly playlist is updated every Monday, and the feature of this playlist is that listeners enjoy tracks on their listening habits. The most leading thing about Spotify is that it considers the artists, albums and tracks the user share, likes, and adds to his playlists to make recommendations for his Discover Weekly playlist.

⦁ Listener playlist

Listener playlists are also called user playlists or user-generated playlists. Users have access to make these playlists, and they can make their playlists private or public. Many businesses, public personalities, and companies make their own listener playlists to expand their branding (Except regular users).

⦁ Spotify Editorial Playlists

Platform’s editorial team created by Spotify editorial playlists. The platform’s editorial team consists of music experts and genre specialists hired to curate and manage Spotify’s playlists. Due to the vast following, these playlists are the most famous playlists on the Spotify platform. Some of these Spotify editorial playlists consist of context-driven, such as Teen Party and Relax & Unwind. Regardless, others playlists are genre-specific, like RapCaviar, Rock This, and Hot Country. In addition, the team usually tests out new tracks on a smaller feeder playlist and then promotes the songs that will perform perfectly to a different playlist. For instance, A good performance song on the New Noise playlist might end up on Rock This.

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How Are These Playlists Helpful to Grow Your Audience?

The playlists of Spotify’s algorithmic are very helpful to gain a wide range of streams. It also helps to reach your highly targeted group of listeners who are most love to enjoy your music.
The Spotify placement is very beneficial, especially for beginner musical artists.
Furthermore, users who listen to Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists tend to be more engaged than those who are not engaged with these playlists.
Besides, users who make their own playlists are very helpful in producing many listeners and streams for emerging artists.
Spotify playlists also influence the Spotify platform’s algorithmic playlists. For example, when music artists add music to their playlists, they provide data to the platform related to the different music they enjoy.
The Spotify platform consideration this data and recommend your track to other listeners related to your data with similar listening habits.
If you have fewer followers, then Spotify’s editorial playlist is the best way to grow your audience. In addition, this playlist is very beneficial for newcomers to gain thousands of new listeners and streams due to its vast following.
But always remember, many new streams can be drive-by streams. Because they may be inactive in their listening habits, there are very few chances to become active and have loyal fans.


Spotify is the best platform for artists to feature their tracks. However, it increases the chances of getting a Spotify placement as well as grow a listening audience. So for the best experience, you should need to create a meaningful playlist and pitch submission. Moreover, to increase your chances of getting on Spotify playlist, don’t forget to connect with many curators as much as possible.

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