Music Affiliate Program

Now, with our music affiliate program you can earn extra income with services you already know people are buying!


Affiliate marketing is the way toward aquiring earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) services. You can earn huge profits for each sale that you make.

Let’s say a famous singer is coming out with a new album. You know that his album is going to sell like there’s no tommorow! Imagine a scenario where you got 20% of any sales you drove to his album?

You don’t have to do any work but tell people about it.

Sounds pretty cool, right? That’s what being an affiliate is!

Earn More than $1,000 every month from affiliate sales on our music affiliate program platform !



You can start today earning money by sending people to Orion Promotion. 

We will  give you a commission of 20% on every sale you make. Set up is easy and you can start earning money instantly! 

All you require is an active account in which you can receive payment. When you register you will receive an Affiliate Link in your panel. 

Al you have to do is share your affiliate link on your pages and platforms and start earning!


When Will I Get Paid?

Commissions are paid each month. You simply need an elligible account to receive payment.

Is There A Limit To How Much I Can Earn?

No, there is no limit on how much you can earn with  Affiliate Marketing.

What Percentage Do I Get?

You will get 20% commission of every sale you drive.

How Will I Be Paid?

You must have an account to participate, or else we can not pay you, for example a bank account, paypal. 

Can I Purchase Through My Own Affiliate Links?

No. Purchasing through your own links will get you restricted from the music affiliate program! You can purchase any products for yourself from the product page.


Once  you register  you will receive an email that guides you to your panel where you can login and view all the sales.