Orion's Requirements for Curators

Being a Orion Promotion curator is a great job. However, it requires responsibility and obligation.

Playlist Follower’s numbers

To become a Guardian of our Foundation, you must have a list of no less than thousand real and natural followers. 
This shows that the following of your playlist must be actual and not acquired bots or fake.

If not, try our platform again when you have a 100% real and current playlist that meets the above requirements.
Otherwise, our mechanized framework will identify these anomalies and keep you away from our foundation.
Songs in the playlist.

Value of creating playlists

Even if we don’t sell streams/fans, we need to make sure that our experts have the most important opportunities to gain transparency and increase their numbers when they join again.
Therefore, we need your playlists to be vital and provide good communication to our customers.
Remember that you have a responsibility to us, but above all to our artists.

Prohibited actions

-You may not do any of the following.
– Send a survey without paying attention to the song.
– Include personal or contact information in your survey.
– Consult with experts outside our Foundation.
– Omit dubious questions, such as “I’m not interested in this”.
– Add a tune and don’t keep it for at least 7 days.
– There is a playlist with a large number of followers that manipulates the board for high payouts and not necessarily for adding tunes.

Are there any restrictions?

 Breaking any of these rules may result in a ban for you, which is what we have had in place since our inception.

While we do take your judgments into account, and you are perfectly capable of choosing your playlist, the above are basic guidelines that must be followed. We don’t want you to make a fool of yourself, so please follow the rules.