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The Key to Building Momentum as an Independent Artist

As an independent artist, it can be challenging to make crucial decisions, such as choosing which songs to record and determining the best approach for release. One of the most critical decisions is whether to release a full album or focus on releasing singles. In this blog post, we’ll explore why indie artists should consider releasing singles and how Orion Promotion can help them promote their music.

Building Momentum

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Releasing singles can help create buzz around your music and generate momentum. By heavily promoting a single on social media, blogs, and other platforms, you can increase engagement, downloads, and streams, leading to increased exposure and potential success. Building momentum around a single is easier than around an entire album, especially for new and emerging artists.


Singles are a cost-effective approach for indie artists, especially for those on a tight budget. Recording an entire album can be expensive, especially when working with professional studios or producers. Focusing on a single is more manageable financially, and the revenue generated from each release can be reinvested to fund future releases or other aspects of an artist’s music career.

Creative Flexibility

Another benefit of singles is the added flexibility it gives an artist. Albums require a specific set of songs and a particular sequence. By releasing singles, artists can experiment with different styles/sounds and release songs as they finish them instead of waiting to complete an entire album. This adaptability can help artists stay relevant and in touch with changing trends and preferences in the music industry.

Fan Engagement

Releasing singles can also improve overall fan engagement. When an album is out, some fans may prefer listening to specific tracks and not necessarily the full album. Singles allow musicians to keep fans engaged more consistently, and they can release new music more frequently. This approach helps create a loyal fan base that is more likely to support the artist long-term.


Finally, singles can help increase exposure to the artist’s music. Blogs, playlists, and other media outlets showcase singles more often than entire albums, facilitating the introduction of the music to a broader audience. Singles help artists target specific niches and audiences, helping to grow their fan base and increase their reach.

Orion Promotion can help independent artists promote their music by providing a playlist pitching service. With Orion Promotion, artists can submit their music to over 10000 curated playlists on Spotify. Orion Promotion’s team of experienced music professionals reviews all submissions, ensuring that only the best music makes it onto their playlists.

In conclusion, focusing on releasing singles can provide many benefits for independent artists, including building momentum, cost-effectiveness, creative flexibility, fan engagement, and exposure. By utilizing Orion Promotion’s playlist pitching service, artists can take advantage of these benefits and promote their music effectively to a broader audience.

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