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Spotify Canvas Is Now Available for Everyone!

Big News! Spotify Canvas is now available for all Spotify for artists users. Spotify Canvas is one of the most creative ways to boost your Spotify in the best possible way. Let’s get to know more about it and how you can add it via Spotify for Artists easily. 

So, here we go:

An insight into Spotify Canvas:

Spotify Canvas is one of the most remarkable features that is being created by Spotify. This feature can let you upload looping videos of about 3 to 8 seconds for each of your songs on Spotify. You can use this feature as the artwork of your albums for the streaming age. It can let music artists engage their listeners in a new way. 

Artists on Spotify are pretty excited to get access to this fantastic branding feature of Spotify. It is mainly because Spotify Canvas has proven to draw more engagement by listeners into music. 

Importance of using Spotify Canvas:

Well, multiple reasons are making Spotify Canvas one of the most amazing features to consider. Some of the reasons are given below to let you know more about things in this regard:

  • Spotify Canvas can be added to any of your songs to boost your Spotify engagement in the best possible way. 
  • You can even change or replace canvas overtime to keep your content fresh. 
  • A loop video or image behind the song can create a more impactful connection emotionally. 
  • Adding a canvas in each of your music tracks shows you are passionate and serious about music. 
  • Track shares by 145%
  • Playlist adds about 20% 
  • Profile visits by 9% 
  • Streams by 5%

Overall, Spotify canvas can be used as the best way to ensure an impactful presence and boost your Spotify more effectively. 

spotify canvas

How to add Spotify Canvas with your “Spotify for Artists”?

As Canvas can be an up to 8 seconds’ loop video meant to replace your music album’s artwork in the Now Playing screen view. However, here we will let you know how you can add one to your music tracks or songs with ease. 


To add canvas to your music tracks, you need:


Admin or editor access in Spotify for Artists.


  • You have to be: Either the first prominent artist listed on the music track or the leading artist listed on both release and track. 

Canvas Specifications:

Make sure to follow canvas specifications given below to make it count:

  • Minimum 720px tall
  • 9:16 vertical ratio
  • Video length up to 8 seconds 
  • JPG or MP4 file format 

Final thoughts

So, this is the right time to check out your Spotify for Artists account to add canvas to your music tracks. Just draw listeners in your Spotify profile and take over their screens with beautiful visuals via Spotify Canvas to boost your Spotify profile in the best possible way in combination with a promotion package