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Spotify makes it easier to sing along!

From now on, Spotify will make singing along to your favorite songs easier! The company has introduced the possibility to read and sing the lyrics while listening to your song. Lyrics are one of the most requested features by listeners around the world and now it is possible. The company has done a lot of testing and repeating, creating an experience that is simple, interactive, and even shareable. Spotify is working with the platform Musixmatch for making this work.

For all Spotify users

The lyrics are available to all free and premium users worldwide on iOS and Android devices, game consoles, and TV, allowing millions of fans to connect on an even deeper level with the music and artists they love. Spotify is also adding the functionality to the desktop app, where a microphone icon appears at the bottom when lyrics are available.

Spotify makes it easier to sing along with lyrics

Which tracks?

If you’re wondering which songs have lyrics, it’s easy to see. In the playlist, you can see which of the tracks have lyrics available immediately by the word “lyrics” under the song title. In the play screen, you can swipe from the bottom to the top of the screen to reveal the lyrics. The lyrics follow the music, so you can start singing along right away. Tap the lyrics screen again to see the full lyrics. Many songs also come with a sharing option where you can select a phrase to share. You can then share them on Instagram Stories, WhatsApp, or Facebook, for example.

Connecting with artists

With access to a world of song lyrics, you can cultivate an even deeper connection with the music and artists you love, and dive into the deeper meanings behind each song. Are you an artist yourself and want to connect with your listeners? Then try a promotional package from Orion Promotion!

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