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Spotify Playlist Promotion With Social Media Or Paid Ads? Try this instead!

Social media is great for promoting things. For example, many artists have found fame via social media posts. However, when it comes to promoting Spotify playlists, many people are surprised that social media promotion does not have a long-term impact on growth. This is why we recommend promoting your Spotify playlists using the tools offered by the music streaming platform itself. This article covers how to grow Spotify playlists without using social media or online paid ads. But first, we will look at why social media and paid ads are not the best methods to promote your Spotify playlist.

Why do social media and paid ads not make the best promotion tools for Spotify playlists?

Social media tend to catch people’s attention. However, the number one drawback of social media promotion is that your post has to go viral before making a meaningful impact on your Spotify playlist. This is not an easy or guaranteed effort, as millions of social media posts compete for attention. Even when your post goes viral or your online ad brings traffic to your playlist, the attention is almost always fleeting, and the audience will move on to something else after a while. Most times, you get nothing more than a temporary spike in listening or followers who do not listen to your playlist. Your best bet is to use the tools inherent in Spotify to grow the playlist organic and consistently. How you can do this is what we will consider next.

Create a niche for yourself

This can either make or break your playlist because the popular genres are already crowded. Trying to compete might be futile because older playlists have the first-mover advantage with a loyal fan base. For this reason, you need to look for a less crowded area where the competition is not as fierce.

Choose a descriptive Spotify playlist title

After deciding on a niche, the next step is to create a title. You have to be deliberate here because the title alone could make people want to check it out or pass. Use keywords that best describe your genre so that people can know what it is all about even before checking out the songs you have added. The keywords will also make your playlist come up when people search. This, however, does not mean you can’t be creative with your title. The trick is to work in as many keywords as possible into a catchy title.

Spotify Playlists

Aim for quality and pay attention to the songs at the top of your playlist and your cover art

Having a Spotify playlist with quality songs trumps having the most extensive playlist. Before adding any song, ask yourself if you like it. If people like your songs, they will listen to your playlist more and stay engaged. They will look forward to discovering new songs through your playlist. To retain your listeners, put your best foot forward by putting the best songs at the top. This first taste will encourage them to explore for more. Similarly, choose eye-catching cover art for your playlist. There are lots of striking pictures you can use to enhance your playlist, with or without permission. If you do not specify a cover art, Spotify will use the cover art for your first albums.

Play your own Spotify playlist

If you create a playlist and abandon it, nothing will happen if you come back to it after five years. This is courtesy of Spotify’s algorithm, which rewards activity with more visibility. Immediately after making a new playlist, listen to it yourself as often as possible. This way, you will start to pick up followers. It might be a trickle at first, but with growth, it can become a steady stream. Since you will be listening to your Spotify playlist, it is important that you choose songs that you enjoy so you do not get tired and abandon the playlist. One trick you can use to listen constantly is by using it as background music for gaming sessions, especially if you stream your games.

Keep people’s favorite songs on your playlist

Studies have shown people generally don’t get tired of their favorite songs. This is why radio stations play classics and oldies. Put such favorites on your playlist, even if they are old. Your listeners might even be disappointed if they can’t find their genre favorites on your playlist.


Growing a Spotify playlist by using social media and paid online ads might look attractive, but the best way is to grow organically by using the tools on Spotify. If, however, your goal is to push your music, one sure method is by purchasing Spotify music promotion at Orion Promotion. It guarantees an audience for your music by targeting millions of Spotify listeners through specially curated playlists. Visit their website today to see the different plans you can subscribe to.

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