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The Best Way to do Spotify Podcast Promotion

There are almost 83,000,000 Spotify customers who use Spotify for music rather than podcasts. That is why only those podcasters on Spotify come in random searches who either make podcasts related to music, or it is just artists who make music. However, if your podcast is not related to music, you can still reach new listeners through Spotify. Spotify has almost 83,000,000 paying customers and you can also run a spotify podcast promotion. 

With having a huge membership, Spotify can be a handy platform for your podcast promotion. Because they receive notifications about new podcasts.

On Spotify, you cannot just set your podcast and wait for people to listen to it because Spotify doesn’t work that way. If you want to use Spotify to get maximum benefit, you can ask people to search for your podcast on Spotify, or you can send them your podcast link. To submit your podcast to spotify click here.

The Best Option for Podcast Distribution

Spotify is a massive platform, and a lot of podcasts are downloaded from it. Spotify has almost 140,000,000 users (both free and paid), and your podcast has high chances to get at least some listeners, although you want a lot of them, and there is nothing wrong with it. After all, you do this to get as many listeners. But, definitely, you don’t want some random listeners who listened to your podcasts just because of random searches. You want some listeners who actually listen to your podcasts because they like them.

The key to podcast marketing is to take control of it. If you can easily promote your podcast on new platforms as you can on Spotify, go for it and use that platform for your podcasts. But, just don’t sit back and relax once you share your podcast on these platforms. Although it is easy to get your podcasts to a higher potential audience through Spotify or similar platforms, keep promoting them through those channels where your actual listeners are.

Take Your Podcast to Next Level with Following Tips

Here are some promotion tips to take your podcast to the next level on Spotify:

  1. Make an outreach list or email list before launching your podcast. This list may include social media followers, product users, blog readers, etc.
  2. Before launching your podcast, it is recommended to record 3-5 episodes, at least.
  3. To get better reach, you can use the Spotify promotion company just like us to make specialized ads for your Spotify podcast promotion. Click here to start.
  4. Create valuable assets such as shareable quotes, clips, and images.
  5. Send a message to your list and ask them to listen and review your podcast.
  6. Keep updating your podcast with regular episodes.