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The Real Secret behind the emails of Spotify curators

If you have ever tried to get your song on a Spotify playlist then you know reaching a curator via email is one of the hardest things you would have to do. Most times, independent artists and record labels alike do not have the emails of Spotify curators. It is typical that these artists or record labels do not have access to the contact information of Spotify curators. Most people fall into the trap of contacting fake emails or falling prey to scams of people claiming to be Spotify curators. This is the gap that Orion promotions are specifically designed to fill. We ensure that you can have access to the people who have the position and influence to change your life.  

The next logical question you may ask is “what is Orion Promotion?”. Orion is an affordable and efficient Spotify promotions provider for individual artists and record labels. Using our services, expand your reach and connect with new listeners all over the world. How exactly do we do this? Orion promotion has an extensive network of over 1.5 million followers globally and a powerful network of Spotify curators that put together some of the most listened to playlists. We promote your songs following a series of steps which we will be explaining below. 

How exactly do we do this?

The first thing you will need to do is to submit your song to the Spotify promotion through Orion Promotion.  Then the team would listen to your song and pitch your song to a genre playlist that fit your style and your sound. Your songs would be received by a curator’s panel and after review; curators if they like your songs they will add them to their playlists. 

Orion has a big network of Spotify curators and this solves the problem of trying to find emails of Spotify curators. With this, you can easily submit your music to Spotify curators. This gives you stand the chance of having your song, or songs enlisted in some of the best and biggest Spotify playlists in the world.

Orion’s promotion promises extraordinary results with an expected increase to your Spotify listeners. You also stand a chance of having people from all around the world listening to your music. You may choose any of the promotional campaign packages that are available on our website or build a customized package for your single or album. Whichever package you choose is sure to provide a promotional experience that’s the right fit for you. 

No more struggling to get the email of Spotify curators or knocking on doors with no answer. Getting your foot through the door and stepping into the music scene . Now it’s easy thanks to the services provided by Orion.

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