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The Top 5 Best Spotify Playlist Services By Orion

It is a herculean task to gain success in this highly competitive and rigorous music industry. The competition is even tougher when it comes to Spotify. Along with many other simultaneous tasks, managing Spotify promotions can be very challenging. This gets even worse when you are aware that your potential competitors also use Spotify playlist pitching services. Well, here is our choice for the top 5 Spotify playlist placement services that can be very handy for your advertisement campaign and get your voice out there.

Orion Promotion

Without any doubt, this Spotify playlist service is one of the bests. This platform has made it very easy to streamline Spotify’s promotion to the masses. You don’t need to worry even if you have not used Spotify services before because this whole process is easy, straightforward, and very professional. 

One of its core strengths is its highly-skilled team. They will listen to your track/single and then pitch it to the right playlist according to your listeners. Not only this, but Orion promotion also gives you an added benefit of getting Spotify single promotion at affordable charges. All of their packages will direct your music to Spotify lists, and you have better chances to get better attention from the audience.  

Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media offers you Spotify promotional services and Sound Cloud. Their promotional method involves the distribution of your music tracks to a vast network of DJs, radio networks, and other different promoters to make your work more influential.

The playlist promotion of Daimoon Media help you get your music to a larger number of listeners.

Band Express

It is another playlist pitching service of Spotify, specializing in Spotify playlist placement. Mainly, they focus on using additional services, for example, Playlist Pump for the promotion of your tracks and get them included in high-traffic playlists as much as possible.

Apart from that, if you want, you can also use their very popular Spotify playlist of rising new artists. For Spotify playlist promotion, Band Express is a very productive channel. Moreover, they also give valuable professional advices to become popular on Spotify.

Broken 8 Records

This Spotify playlist promotion service has an unparalleled success record. They have helped many musical groups and solo artists to get sheer success on Spotify in almost every genre. They surely know how to get things done quickly and effectively.

Playlist Pump

The best and the most standout thing about this promotional service is their selection criteria. They do not accept or entertain all clients as they are very exclusive and utterly discerning.