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Tips to release your songs on Spotify for the best engagement

You’ve spent the last few weeks, months, or even years, preparing that song or album. And now, it’s time to share it for others to enjoy! Firstly, go ahead and pat yourself on the back: the hard work is over, but the process has only just begun. This article will provide you with the best practices tips to release your songs on Spotify, beginning with finding and growing your audience.

To experience the greatest success on Spotify, including receiving the very best engagement from your existing or brand new audience, there are a few things you should do, all of which fall under the category of promotion.

Finding & growing your audience

It’s all great promoting your music to the widest of audiences. However, for the greatest engagement and impact, you want to get your music in front of those that matter, those that will actually enjoy your music: your target demographic.

To do this, you need to understand your audience. For example, perhaps your music is inspired by other greats, whether this is Calvin Harris, Bryan Adams, or a famous rapper. Your goal is to share your music on social media targeting fans of these creatives, allowing you to attract the right audience to your music.

Once you’ve found the right audience, it’s time to grow this. Without a doubt, we’re sure you’d like more followers, both on Spotify and on your social media profiles. Encourage listeners to follow the best you can, using your website or social influence to do this, sharing mini clips of your music, perhaps a music video, and constant promotion to get and keep your name out there.

Connect with new artists and creatives

To grow your spotify audience and to increase the reach of your music, you should connect with like-minded artists and creatives. For example, you could share their music with your audience, while they could share your latest track with theirs.

This is often a free and super useful tool, allowing you to connect with other audiences, and most importantly, grow your own full of people who love your music and style!

Don’t forget metadata

Metadata determines how your music is found and how this appears in the Spotify search. It’s important to spend time on this, correctly entering the producer, song title, release date, and other details when submitting your song at your distribution company. Besides, if you do get any of these details incorrect, you may fail to register for the income and associated credit.

spotify engament

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Finally, the best practice tip to release your songs on Spotify to both grow your  following, social media following and to receive more engagement on your music is to purchase the Orion promotion package. This package is efficient and affordable, allowing you to expand your brand and connect with thousands of new listeners each and every day.


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