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Why it’s important to connect artists to playlist curators

Playlists are one of the most important elements in the world of music. It is a collection of songs that puts you in a certain mood, activity, theme, or feeling. It can cause the music to gain thousands to millions of new listeners and the goal of the artist is of course to be noticed. They want their name to be remembered and their music to be discovered. We will show you why it is important to connect artists to playlist curators.


Pitching a song to a Spotify playlist curator is very cost-effective. If done correctly it could save you a lot of marketing costs. When playlist curators add a song to their playlist it can give your listenership a big boost. People like to listen to a playlist because it contains multiple songs and they can be played at once. In addition, playlists are genre-specific. So, a playlist with songs from someone’s favorite genre is very popular among listeners.

Record Labels

Ussing the right platform to connect artists to playlist curators could lead to your international fame. Your music could also be recognised by a professional company that wants to work with you. 

connecting artists to curators


Besides getting more streams, adding your song can also help you get in touch with your loyal fans. It will help you gain more followers, which will grow your fan base and allow you to build a relationship with them. Then they feel that they can trust you and they can start spreading word-of-mouth. Your fans tell about you and through this, your name and song will be promoted without you having to do anything.

Orion Promotion

Orion Promotion can help to connect artists to playlist curators by pitching it to a wide audience of curators. At Orion Promotion you can decide how many followers and streams you want to achieve and in how many playlists you want to be placed. You can choose from three different packages, but there is also the possibility to compose a personal package. After your music has been promoted, an extensive report will be compiled on the reach of your song.

Last words

So do you want to see your name and songs grow? Then it’s a good idea to pitch your song to playlist curators. It will help you grow your audience and fan base which will in turn create word of mouth promotion. Finally, you might even get noticed by a well-known record label and that will be the start of your international career. Using a pitching service with useful tools or packages such as those offered by Orion Promotion may be the key to your success. It is one of the easiest ways to promote your song, so the money is definitely worth it!

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